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Brainstorm/Radio show ideas!

ok so first bear me through out these ideas folks!

I think it would be cool if we did some sort of radio segment groups that include all of our course characters. Let me further expand on this. Small groups of three to four course characters would be assigned to a specific segment to talk about, Movies and TV, pop culture, things happening around campus, student life etc… We could use AI to generate their image and audio for there voice’s and during the segment the characters would all banter with one another and discuss the segment topic. To make it even more interactive students in class can submit questions for the characters to ask one another and they could give their opinions for their perspective.

Another thought is something along the lines of a talk show segment. A course character would be invited to another course characters radio show, and they could be interviewed about their life, likes, dislikes, and current happenings. Since everyone has a course character that’s so vastly different, I think it would be cool to see what everyone comes with!






2 responses to “Brainstorm/Radio show ideas!”

  1. destiny Avatar

    a talk show would actually be very cool, like what if we were just interviewing all of the characters!! oh i’d be so down to hear everyone’s answers

    1. admin Avatar

      Right?! Thats what I was thinking. It would be so interesting to hear what the characters would have to say

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