You either know or you don’t.

daily crate 4/3-4/4

For the daily crate for 4/3 we were tasked with showing and telling something that made me smile. Today was super busy per usual but there were a lot of things that made me smile. I consider myself to be a happy and positive person, so it was hard trying to pick one thing that made me smile. Call me basic but I think one of the things that made me smile a lot was all of the flowers blooming outside. I appreciate the beauty and the slowness of being able to stop and look at a newly bloomed flower. I created a design in Canva of the types of flowers that I have seen lately.

For today’s daily crate it was to look up DS106 and pick the funniest image. I used the search engine Flickr and typed in ds106 this image may not be the funniest, but this is the one that I liked the most.






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