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Design Thoughts

I found it really fascinating the level of work and details that go into creating things like movie posters and introduction scenes to some of what are favorite movies and tv shows are. There’s also color patterns in genres of movies that something I never really paid any attention to. I never really thought about the colors being tied to a particular genre of movies. Also, when it comes to the clothes the characters are wearing, it was pointed out in the interview that the kind of clothes the character wears gives the audience an idea of what kind of character that he/or she is going to be.

From details of how the starts are positioned on the poster from above the movie title or below the title gives the impression that the budget for that movie is particularly high or low. There are colors used that clearly will grab a viewer’s attention and a message that is trying to be conveyed. I honestly thought movie posters were just means to promote the movie and try and get people to come out and watch. The idea of there being more to the poster and there’s a incredible amount of detail that goes into creating them is really cool.

When it comes to tv show introductions we all have our own personal tv shows where we never skip the introduction because the song and the graphics are just too good to skip. I can appreciate the level of art and talent that creators put into making them just as great as the show itself.






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    Great reflection on the articles!

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