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DS106 goals

I think anyone can answer their goal for their class is to pass so it will count towards there degree completion. If you’re someone that likes to do well in school like me, I not only want to pass a class, but I want to do well in the class. So, I guess a generic answer and what my answer usually is at the start of this new semester when asked. What do you hope to take from this course? I really just want to do well and ultimately graduate with my degree, but I know that’s why most of us are here. This class is making me think a bit differently, its more than just wanting to pass a class but I would really like to tap into my creative side. I don’t think I was truly able to dabble into my creative side for longer than I care to put in this post honestly.

I think as you get older and have more responsibilities, it can be difficult to try and go about things in a creative Lense. Things at least for me are getting tasks done and doing them efficiently and not creatively. My goal for this class is to get creative in everything that I do, to the blog post we have to write about, the stories we have to create, my blog itself I want to authentically be creative with the content I am creating. I am someone that’s not big into social media, but I think the digital world in incredible and ever changing and growing as time continues to evolve. I would like to create something be involved in some sort of contention creation as I am majoring in communications and minoring in digital studies. I am intrigued to get into this world of digital creating and learn what I am able to come up with.

So what’s my goal? I want to pass and do well of course but ultimately, I want to really get to know my creative side.






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