You either know or you don’t.


Let’s bring it back for a second.

I cannot believe we are already into week five already. I am feeling more confident with the course itself and posting on the blog. Going through the first steps of creating the blog, I had trouble with it, but now I am feeling confident with my content. I was reading my goals for week one and I do think I am still currently on track with the initial goals I set for myself. The biggest goal that I had was to tap into my creative side and make sure that it is reflected with everything I am posting. I would not change my current goal. I still want to continue tapping into my creative side and creating content that requires me to think differently. Being creative is not something that I typically do, and this course has been enjoyable because the assignments have allowed me to have fun with what I was able to create. From the daily crates and the assignment bank prompts, there is so much room for interpretation and letting the creative juices flow it has been fun and a bit challenging. I will say last week’s audio assignments were a bit difficult in the beginning for me and now that they were onto video, I am not sure how I will feel but one thing I am confident about is I know I will try my best to create something that I think is fun.  






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