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Film Review- The avengers.

Whether you are a superhero fan or not I’m sure you’ve heard of the avengers. I chose to write about the Avengers because I’m a Marvel fan and I believe there’s a Marvel movie out there for everybody. Even one of my friends who isn’t super into superhero’s was able to enjoy the Avengers Franchise and even went back to watch the individual superhero movies. Enough of my own personal opinion and to the review itself.

The avengers bring together a world of superheroes to fight the bad guy and save the earth from being destroyed. This may sound like every basic superhero story out there but it’s just the way Marvel did that really set the tone for the entire franchise to be as successful as all the films were. There’s so much comedy, action, a bit of romance in there, the characters are all likable in their own distinct ways as well. Someone that hasn’t watched any of the individual superhero movies about the characters can still enjoy the movie without having to go back and watch the other movies beforehand (even though I highly recommended one doing so).

The actors had such great chemistry, and the writing of the actual story was really well done. It was more than just a superhero movie but a movie that can really bring you together. Weather it’s a family, couple, or someone by themselves it’s just a great movie overall.

Getting into more of the story itself even the villain is likable in my opinion. One of the hero’s being Thor classic brother trope. Thor being the all-around good brother good at everything and the favorite and then you have Loki less popular, and what you could label as the odd ball. Lokki wants to destroy the earth well because why not? He was getting the means to do so. Thor and his other super friends are thrust together and the dialoged between the characters is again hilarious. Iron man takes on the know-it-all rich guy and all of his quick wit and banter plays really well with the humble captain America who’s the all-around good solider and wants to do right by his country. Paired with all around classic superhero The Hulk who is surrounded by the “new age” hero’s it just all pairs together so well.

The Avengers was a great first movies to what turned into a great Franchise and is a must watch for all in my opinion.






4 responses to “Film Review- The avengers.”

  1. Rishi Shankar Avatar
    Rishi Shankar

    This was a good read because I reviewed Iron Man and it was interesting to see what themes you picked up on in the movie and compared it to my review even though they were different movies. Since they come from the same franchise and the actors and characters are the same it was nice to see.

    1. admin Avatar

      Hello Rishi!
      I really enjoyed the Iron Man movies his character I think is one of the funniest characters between them all. I would say iron man and Thor are the funniest and I enjoyed the banter he had with the other hero’s throughout movies.

  2. Peter Leese Avatar
    Peter Leese

    Hi! As a major Marvel fan myself, I really liked reading your blog about the Avengers. Since this is the first Avengers film, it brings back a lot of memories of seeing all of my favorite superheroes appear in one film for the first time. As you said, this was only the start of the incredible Avengers film series, which concluded in 2019 with Avengers Endgame. This movie is definitely worth seeing because it has a fantastic story!

    1. admin Avatar

      Hey peter! Its nice to virtually meet a fellow Marvel fan. When I was writing the review I definitely felt some nostalgia writing it came out such a long time ago but still holds up as such a great film!

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