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Final project outline

For my final project I will be doing a video on the pros and cons of AI and will be taking video clips and audio voiceovers to put it together. The overall outline will be


AI is a helpful tool and resource that can be used for students/ businesses professionals and anyone out there that needs a little extra help or inspiration.

Its efficient and good at saving time

It sparks creativity and inspiration

A image and text generator


Ethical considerations- Is using AI in certain contexts right?

AI and Biases- AI can have biases based off of the data its trained on

Does AI respect privacy- The data comes from somewhere?

Is there transparency in AI- The data may arrive in under seconds but where is the data from and are people supposed to advertise their data as AI generated?

Will this effect jobs in the long run?

I will address the pros and cons in the video with clips and voice over. I am still a bit stuck on how its going to conclude. I am hoping once I start piecing everything together that I will be inspired by how the video should conclude.






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  1. Paul Avatar

    I find it interesting that the environmental impact and energy costs of AI rarely if ever come up in this class. That might be worth looking into for the cons.

    Dr. Oblivion has words of wisdom on AI to share, if you’d care to include him in the project.

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