You either know or you don’t.

Final project!

As to be expected this project was incredibly time consuming and it took me longer than I thought it would to complete. The audio part of the project it what was taking me the longest. It took me multiple edits and playbacks to get everything to sync up the way that I wanted it to but overall, I am happy with the final outcome. I think I was able to incorporate everything that we have learned so far. I made a video that uses AI voice overs, music, video clips, and text. As you watch my video you will notice the little robots that are narrating the story. I used different AI voices for each robot and they each have different expressions to represent the topic they are going over. Not all of the video is covered with AI voice because I wanted the focus to also be on the music and how I was able to sync up the tracks together for some portions of the video. I used Canva and was able to use some of the built-in apps to help with the AI voice overs and I selected some of the free audio tracks that were available that I thought would be best suited for the video. I took time with editing the images that I chose as well as adding animations to the words and robots as well. Overall, I am happy with how the final video came together I was able to express my creativity thought the clip and use what I have learned thus far in the class. I hope that whoever watches stops and really thinks about AI and what the benefits are as well as what the cons are. Happy watching!






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