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Laylas PSA

I created this PSA video to create the message that aggressive technologies may be advancing us in a plethora of ways, but art should not be considered one of them. I wanted to keep the message itself very short and to the point but highlighting what Laylas interpretation of what art should be viewed as. She does not believe in spreading negativity about aggressive technologies because she simply doesn’t pay attention to all of what they are doing. What she does want to point out is while the AI generated art is fun its not something that should be considered “art” she thinks calling it art takes away from what artist spend hours and hours on end creating. I hope you enjoy this short clip! I created the video in Canva, and I used an AI voiceover to do the speaking.






2 responses to “Laylas PSA”

  1. Paul Avatar

    I like the concept. It might be interesting to add backing music to enhance the mood. You can use CC Search ( or google for “open source music” to find something that’s not copyright-restricted.

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