You either know or you don’t.

Laylas thoughts…..

What are Laylas thoughts on Aggressive Technologies you all are wondering. Shes honestly still trying to gather what her thoughts are. She does not have an exact word for her thoughts on the company and the work they are doing with Aggressive Technologies. Layla is an artist herself and is someone that would rather draw with her sketch pad and paper than on a tablet and pencil. Layla is not someone that likes to overindulge in technology because she likes to be fully present and aware. Layla notes that she appreciates technological advancements, and she appreciates the fun and what AI has to offer as an artist herself that works incredibly hard at the pieces, she puts put her only concern was AI artist and their work. She needs to think further and continue to learn more about the company before her full opinion can be developed. Thats just how Layla likes to form her opinions on things.  






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