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Let’s add glitter!

Daily crate 02/21/24

Today’s daily crate was to create a snow globe! We had the option of either downloading the template they provided or creating one yourself. I decided to create one myself and drafted it up in Canva. I started with a blank image and wanted to make something that was girly and pink. There’s so much you can do in Canva and a variety of different images, texts, backgrounds, and so much more you can chose from when you’re when working on a design. The platform itself is pretty easy to utilize and its something that you really can put your own creative spin on which is the main reason why I like using the platform. Check out my snow globe below.

Castle le glitter






2 responses to “Let’s add glitter!”

  1. Peter Leese Avatar
    Peter Leese

    I like how your snow globe turned out, this looks like the type of snow globe my sister would like. Keep up the good work!

  2. Marisol Juarez Avatar
    Marisol Juarez

    I love how the snowglobe came out!! its adorable

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