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New Magazine in the making.

For this design assignment I created a magazine cover. I created this cover in Canva, and the inspiration is based on one of my favorite foods and that’s Authentic Ramen.






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  1. Paul Avatar

    I would love to hear about what went into the design, both the creative and aesthetic decisions and the technical process.

    1. admin Avatar

      I really wanted to have fun with the overall design for the cover. I knew I wanted to go with colors that were eye catching and I wanted the ramen bowl to be the Star of the cover. Often when I talk about ramen people always assume that im talking about the cup noodles and not Authentic ramen with all of the fixings. So the first two things I wanted was the colors to be bright and catch the eye and I wanted the ramen to be big, the image of the ramen to capture whats in a typical bowl of ramen but also something on the simpler side. So I did quite a bit of searching trying to find what I thought would be the best bowl of ramen based off of what I was looking for. In regard to the smaller portion of the cover I wanted the bobbas to represent fun and sense of cuteness because thats what I think boba represents so that’s why I chose the images for the two Bobbas. Essentially, I wanted the message to convey that theres more to ramen then what you will buy at the grocery store and I wanted to add some fun with the Bobba.

      Thanks for the question!

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