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Radio show update

In terms of this week’s workload, it was fairly light. This week was all about getting our radio show together with all of the bits and pieces we are working on. We decided to focus on Marvel movies with the focus on the evolution of Spiderman and the first Marvel movie. So far, we have made great progress when getting each of our sections together and I think everyone’s parts are sounding really good. As for me I did my best with my portion I am someone that typically talks fast so that was something I noticed when I went back and was editing, so please keep that in mind when listing! The point of my portion of the review was giving Laylas perspective of how she feels about Spiderman, and his character compared to the others. Since I was giving a review and feedback, I found I didn’t want to take away from that and add a bunch of different sound effects and things that effected my voice, so I went with a few sounds from and picked a few sounds throughout my recording that I think paired well with the vibe of the review/movie. The last thing my group needs to do is piece it all together and I think it should come together pretty well.






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  1. destiny Avatar

    ohhh i’m excited to listen to it when it’s done!! i wonder if it was difficult trying to give your character’s opinions rather than your own?

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