You either know or you don’t.

radio thoughts..

I first want to say that the radio show done by Aggressive technologies was really well done. One would think this is a actual interview being conducted with the thought provoking questions and the well-expressed answers. I like how the voices for the response to the questions sound like something straight form a AI film and the way the questions were answered painted “Aggressive technologies” as something that’s actually kind of scary and indeed are involved in sketchy things. Some of the way the questions were answered it was very script like and cultish. When they used words like “sanctuary” and “right path” just gives cult vibes. I also found some of the responses very funny I appreciate that the interview is on a serios note but there are hints of humor in the show. I like the way the show was edited and how the background music gave a ere Ish vibe as well. I like the doorbell ring before the show cut too commercial too. The very end of the show when they closed with how “trustworthy” they are and then finished it off with a commercial was really well done. Overall, I think the show was really put together and I enjoyed listening to it.






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