You either know or you don’t.


For the assignments this week it was all about coordinating within our groups how we are planning and formatting the show. I think my group is making really good progress and we are getting into the swing of things after a group text was created as our primary means of communication. We all agreed on the name of the show and finalized the overall theme of what we will be discussing which is AI movies and giving reviews on them as well as going over media perceptions about AI. I am excited to continue working within my group to create something that I think is going to be pretty cool! I also found it funny that my course character has a “twin”!






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  1. Paul Avatar

    When doing a radio show about movies, it is very important to make sure that any clips you use function as audio. In other words, they need to make sense, based on sound alone, to someone who knows nothing about the movie. That may seem obvious, but it happens quite frequently that peope use movie clips that require more context than the sound provides. Snippets of significant dialogue can work. A car chase scene probably won’t.

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