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The Lions Corner

For the assignment Demystifying AI, I chose two AI generated images from the platforms Adobe Firefly and Bing. The assignment suggested to choose an iconic person, but I wanted to do something a bit different and go with a animal that I think is pretty iconic. Doing this assignment allows us to ask the question or to simply ponder the effects of using AI images.

The first image was the image that was generated in Bing images, and I think this is the more realistic image and it really represents how beautiful and majestic the lion really is. When comparing it to the second image, the adobe generated image gives it more of an artistic type of vibe with the background and almost makes it look like a painting more so than a lion in its natural element. I do think both of the generators capture the essence of the lion. Even though both lions are laying down you still can see the strength in her eyes, and there confident domineer.

On to the second images. I asked the AI generator to present two lions that are sleeping. I think these images are even better than the first. For one two lions sleeping are just as scary if they were awake and walking around. Let’s just take the time to appreciate how large their paws look and how intimidating their faces are even while there sleeping. The first image is generated by Bing while the second image is generated by Adobe firefly. I think they both did a great job at giving a picture of what a lion would look like sleeping in its natural element in the wild. The lion looks at peace and relaxed but I’m sure the second it wakes up its ready to go and do what a lion does best. Its interesting comparing the AI generators because in the first image above I think the Bings portrayal of Lion is more realistic while the Adobe firefly image looks like a painting. When viewing the sleeping images of lions, I think the Adobe Firefly image looks more realistic than the Bing Image. The distinct difference in the Lions Mane. In the second image its looks like there’s a slight wind blowing, and the mane looks real and like photographer was able to get a great picture of a lion sleeping. The Bing image the Lions Mane looks more staged to me.

Nap time!

For the last images I went cartoon style and asked for the AI generated images to present a cartoon image of a Lion waiting to go to work at a bus stop. That is exactly what it did, and it looks like something straight from a cartoon. I appreciate the depictions of what the potential of a working Lion would look like. I think if a Lion had the ability to dress up and go to work then this is what a Lion would look like. A sharp and crisp suit. Well-manicured and put together. I like how in the first image generated by Bing the Lion is looking at his watch. It is giving the vibes that he has an important meeting to get to and the bus needs to hurry up and get him. While the second image gives the vibe of, he’s ready for his workday.

Overall if I had to pick an image that was the worst, I would say it was the very first image that Adobe Firefly presented. When I asked for a image of a lion it gave a image of Lion that looked like a painting which isn’t what I asked for. It did give the picture of a lion and his cub, but it looked more like a piece of art. The most impressive image would have to be the second image generated by Adobe Firefly and that is the one of the lions sleeping. I really liked how it looked like the lion’s mane was blowing in the wind, and it was the most realistic photos out of all of the lion images. I don’t think AI generated images have any threat to artist. For one you can tell when an image looks fake or generated and no matter how realistic an image looks you can still tell that it’s not something that’s real or Authentic. A piece of art gives a different appeal then AI does. You can tell the rawness, effort, beauty, and effort in a piece of artwork. Compared to AI with images that are fun and a bit out of the box but that’s just what its AI is fun and out of the box. It can’t compare to the work of artist.






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  1. Paul Avatar

    The sign which doesn’t quite say Serengeti Express is an interesting detail. Apparently it’s a train ride at Busch Gardens. I wonder how the system made that connnection, and why it did a train rather than a bus.

    1. admin Avatar

      Oh wow I didn’t catch even catch that! Also a very interesting point I wonder how the system made that connection as well.

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