You either know or you don’t.

The power of a single voice

Audio Reflections

Im gonna be honest here I dont listen to the radio much anymore. Its not because I dont enjoy radio, in fact theres a few radio segments that I love and when im in office and hear the segments I always make sure that I am fully aware and paying attention. I’m some one that’s all about my Spotify playlist and podcast and that’s been my vibe over the years.

After doing the course work for this week and listening to Jad Abumrad video about “How radio creates empathy” I have a newfound view of radio. He pointed out in his video the immediacy and connection that radio offers and how one can feel like there being directly spoken to and that’s something that resonated with me. He also mentioned how everyone’s always says, “radio is played out” and how “radio should have been played out years ago”. I know I’ve heard that before and I am someone that doesn’t go out of the way to listening to the radio but whenever I do, I always enjoy listening and find myself excited to hear about the next story and segments. Radio can truly become a part of someone’s routine and a connection can be built from radio.

I think the Moon Graffiti podcast did a good job at making you feel like you were really there. Between the creepy music and all of the different sounds you heard. It’s easy to imagine it all playing it out in your head like your actually there. Which I think is the whole point. Using your voice and sound to paint the image in your head and they did exactly that.






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