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Video Project

The only thing we had to do this week outside of Daily Crates was out video project. I originally wanted to create a animated video and have a artist go through the motions of what goes into creating a art piece and then a scene cut to a lab where theirs nothing but computers and someone typing something into a computer at Aggressive Technolgies and calling it “art”. As I actually started the project, I had another idea that I wanted to go with. For one I decided to not go with the animated idea and stick to real visuals and instead of just focusing on one aspect of art I decided to use visuals the cover a wide spectrum of what is art. Such as painting, photography, potter, movies, and etc… I wanted to highlight the various forms of art and the span of different people doing them. The video then abruptly cuts to AI with a music change and its of Aggressive technologies and robots in the background making what they think is “art”. I am pretty happy with the final outcome of the video and happy I went with the idea change. I created the video in Canva and as usual its a platform that I think you can do a lot with and allows you to explore multiple different creative routes. I hope you enjoy!






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