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One of this week’s assignments is to lay out a plan for out final viedo projects. As of right now, I know I want the viedo to be animated and I’m thinking of either using the platform Canva or adobe as they both have animation features, I have to review both platforms more before I make my decision. The overall theme of my viedo is going to be about the day in the life of a artist and what goes into an artist making their artwork and then it cuts to aggressive technologies version of art which is essentially just typing into a computer and asking for generated art. I want the animated viedo to capture the true differences between the work that artist does compare to what the aggressive technologies deems as art. Since its going to be an animated clip I want it to have fun elements because the point of the clip is to not bash AI but to highlight the efforts of artist. I don’t exactly know the duration or length of the viedo just yet as of right now I think I want the viedo to start with an artist in there studio working on a current piece and some sort of close up of a clock spinning to highlight how long it takes then the next clip with be of an employee of Aggressive technologies creating a piece of work on the computer and taking less than a few seconds. The last clip will be a question asking, “Which one do you think is really art?”






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