You either know or you don’t.

Week Summary

I didn’t know what to expect when I entered into this course but wow after reviewing the syllabus and going over all of the required work its defiantly going to be an exciting semester. I honestly had a hard time with initially getting things set up but thankfully after an appointment with the Digital Knowledge Center I was able to easily figure out what I was doing wrong. I can tell that this class is different from the courses that I have taken in the past at UMW but on another note I am excited to be able to learn more about the digital world then I thought I could. At one point I considered myself someone that understood how to set up accounts and things of the digital nature pretty quickly. Well, that’s not the case and I know off hand that I am really going to have to take my time when it comes to the assignments, I am someone that is known to work fast. All in All, I am looking forward to what I learn, and all this class has to offer.






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