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Weekly Summary/ Final project

I spent this week really thinking about what I wanted my final project to be about and what it would look like. I figured out that I wanted to go with option number three and that encompasses what the pros and cons are of using AI in this course and what we can ultimately do with it and how it felt to use AI throughout this course. I am excited to go with this topic because before taking this course I didn’t have much knowledge on AI platforms and now that’s completely different since a lot of the course work, we have had to do was to include AI. In regard to the actual formatting and what I want for the project I know I want to create a final video because I have really enjoyed doing video work. I am going to continue using the platform canvas and I plan on using AI apps to help with voice over, animation, text, and character as well. I know the point of this post is to have a detailed outline of what the looks like but to be honest 9/10 Ill have a outline and then when I am actually creating, I end up going with something different because I’m just letting the creative juices flow which is one of the main goals I had with this course was to tap into my creativity. So I am going to do just that with the final project I am going to tap into my creativity when I create this video and I will be sure that it encompasses everything we have learned this far as well as making sure the topic is appropriately covered.






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