You either know or you don’t.

Here comes Layla: Your new favorite character.

Herse a few things to note about your new favorite character. Layla is all about the arts and her head is usually in a book. She was born in and still lives in Tokyo Japan, where she is a successful manga artist and has one dozen of awards for her manga. She loves writing romance comedy manga and has a very distinct art styles that people have raved about.

When Layla isn’t hunched over in her art studio creating her manga Shes either getting lost in the world of books at a local coffee shop or library or you can find her on the search for the latest boba drink or iced latte.

When she is not working or reading, she’s creating. Shes creating paintings, drawings, sculptures, and stories. She truly embraces the world of art and believes that anything can be art. If you ask her about technology shell tell you that it’s not something she cares much for. Layla would rather have an actual book in her hand then a e-reader. Most manga artist draw on an iPad, but she prefers good old pencil and paper. She won’t admit that shell use the tablet when Shes behind on a story thought.

Layla loves art, loves books, loves relevant pop culture and all things the aesthetic of a cozy and warm coffee shop. If you ask her how much sleep, she gets shell just look at you and avoid the question. That how passionate and in love she is with the world of the art. If you know art, then you know Layla. If you don’t know art well here your invitation to start. Why? Because Layla is always everyone’s favorite.






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