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Weekly Summary: Thats a wrap on week two

I have to say I was able to really dive into my creative side which I have enjoyed thus far. Between doing the daily crates every day and picking the assignments in the assignment bank I was really able to get the creative juices flowing. Utilizing the Dr. Oblivion tool was definitely interesting and one thing I said in my last post is he doesn’t mince his words that’s for sure. I may not have agreed with the perspective he gave but I was able to appreciate it. When I asked for further themes to look into for rewriting my film review, I did find his points helpful. He pointed out themes that I didn’t even think to include the first time so that was nice. I would have to say my favorite assignments from this week would be completing the course character as well as the fanfic assignment I chose to do which was also creating a character with a back story. I found this enjoyably one because I like to write, and it was also nice pulling elements of things I like and get inspiration from and drawing it into a character. I have also enjoyed being able to view everyone else’s creativity. From the daily crates and the assignment bank assignments its nice being able to see other students’ inspiration and where their creative thoughts lead them. I’m excited for week three!

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