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Its Calista’s World

Fanfic Assignment

I want to virtually introduce you to Calista she is 22 years old and was born in New York where she currently resides with her husband and 4 pets. She has long dark curly brown hair that cascades down her back and she has pretty light hazel eyes and she happens to be on the thinner side. People often tell her that’s she strickling beautiful, but she is the kind of person that ignores that. She prefers to be complimented for her accomplishments. She has a type A personality and works at publishing office and edits/ reads books all day. Shes the typical first person at work and 5am and the last to leave around 6pm. She may sound boring but I’m telling you she’s not.

Are you curious about her yet? We’ll let me tell you a bit more about her. When Calista’s not working Shes training, she puts all of her energy into Tennis when she can. Shes on an adult sports Tennins league and often spends time either at her private gym’s tennis court or at the homebase of her team.

What made her get into tennis? Well, something that she doesn’t like to share with people with the exception of her two very best friends and her spouse. Shes a closet anime fan her favorite genre being sports. When she was in middle school, she watched an anime that was centered around tennis, and she fell in love with both anime and tennis. She binged the anime over the course of a few weeks and once she finished it, she asked her parents to buy her all the Tennis gear and she played tennis all throughout her middle school, high school, and college years.

You may be wondering if she had dreams about going pro? No, she never wanted to play it professionally. She knew that she wanted to be surrounded by books and enjoy reading stories that were being created by new and up and coming authors. She was drawn to Tennis because the appeal of joining a team and working towards with other people inspired her.

When Calista has time to relax because she likes to make sure she makes time to take care of herself. She spends it at home with her husband and four dogs binging the latest tv show and eating takeout. No, the dogs don’t eat the takeout they eat the boujee food that they get from the VIP pet store for upper east siders. Neither of them likes to cook. Their favorite thing to eat is authentic ramen and mochi ice cream.

Well that sums up Calista for you. I hope you enjoyed reading about her!






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