You either know or you don’t.

The daily Crate- Views of the Bear Mtn North

The city lights.

The lights were bright, and the moon was shinning.

The trees were still and the mountains were high

The moon was peeking out greeting the day

Everything is still

Everything is peace

Nature is getting ready for the day.

The day will begin.

The sun will shine.






4 responses to “The daily Crate- Views of the Bear Mtn North”

  1. Kevin Avatar

    indeed (hopefully) ie, sun, shining.
    Thanks for taking part in the Daily Create!
    Kevin (affiliated with the DS106 ecosystem from various projects)

  2. Rishi Shankar Avatar
    Rishi Shankar

    I really enjoyed reading your poem, it was definitely a cool idea that you had behind it. I talked a little bit about the sun in my poem too which was to cool to see. Good work!

    1. admin Avatar

      Thank you! Ill be sure to check out your poem to.

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