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The techno Optimist manifesto

People are either happy about the world technology advancing or there not. There are always mixed reviews on how social media is affecting young people and how they communicate. Then there the reverse and how people love social media because it’s a different way to communicate with the world and it’s a way to reach people differently. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to look at this point. There’s a benefit to advancement especially when it comes to technology. I mean let’s be real for a moment, back then computers were practically the size of a large desk, TVs were literally boxes, and you couldn’t fit a phone in your pockets. Technology advancing is ultimately a good thing and it’s going to continue to evolve that’s the essential part of evolution. We’re going to continue to advance.

I watched the movie the Avengers, a movie about superhero’s saving the world from a villain that wants to destroy the world just because he can. I mean this movie was all about technology. Let me zoom in on Iron man. His character was incredibly rich and smart and owns his company. What does he do? Build a decked-out iron suit and helps stop the bad guys. He can only do this because of technology. In this superhero universe having this level of technological advancement is a good thing. Let’s not forget the other race from another planet with the ships, super strong hammer, and other overpowered fighting tools. Thats all technological advancement.

This movie may not touch on the sides of advanced technology in regard to if it good or bad, but it just highlights in the movie itself how far technology has come and if it’s used for good then it can save people. I think this is more than just technology it’s a rule of thumb in anything. If something is used for good, then its good. If not, then it’s the reverse. I think people need to remember that instead of being so pessimistic about where technology is going.

The manifesto really emphasis the points on people’s misconceptions on technology now a days. It points out the good and then goes over the bad, from the perceptions of people. The manifest essentially is about how important technology is and how it can pretty much solve anything, and people are growing more and more pessimistic about it all to sum it all up.

I already stated earlier that advancing is something that we as humans are going to do. If we look back at the passed 100 years we have come so far since then. Technology has literally saved lives and connected us in ways that I feel like are more beneficial than the ways of the past. I mean people used to communicate via carrier pigeons, now we have cell phones their essential minicomputers and cameras in the palm of our hands. I think people need to appreciate the advancement instead of looking at it with a pessimistic lends.

When I asked Dr. Oblivion for help well for one, he doesn’t mince words that for sure. His point was that I romanticized technology and when comparing the technology advancement with a superhero movie I should have touched on what could be any moral or ethical issues that comes with this kind of power. My response to him is well that’s the point sir. I wanted to Romanize is I don’t think that technology should be so heavily scrutinized I wanted to shape it in a more positive light because that’s what I think it deserves. In regard to the moral and ethical question that’s not original and always come ups within the superhero genre. I appreciated the level of feedback, but I stand on my opinions.

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