You either know or you don’t.

Thats a wrap!

Thats a wrap on week six! The workload was lighter this week and I really enjoyed the video assignments and being able to incorporate my course character further expanding upon who she is. I created all my videos in Canva and learning about all the distinct functions and ways you can create things in their platform. Using their video function is easy and adds audio to the video. One thing I will point out is I have no idea the number of different apps and resources there were out there for people to create content. My basic understanding of content creating was what I knew social media influencers used and obviously for movie productions and commercials high tech stuff is used. The past few weeks it has been enjoyable learning about the audio and video apps and tools that are out there to create digital media. One does not must make a movie or try and create something for a show if they want to utilize these platforms. In the beginning its a lot to learn, especially with the number of tutorials you must watch, and the number of platforms is so different, but I appreciate how user friendly most of them are and it has been nice doing work that lets you tap into being creative. Check out my work below and thanks for reading!  






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