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Wrapping up week four

Hello fellow students! In the beginning of the week I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about the audio assignments. Having to watch tutorials, download more apps, and get the hang of using more platforms took a second to really get the hang of! At first, I wasn’t quite comfortable using Audacity but after playing around with the platform and getting familiar it got a bit easier and I used Audacity for all three of my audio assignments. I enjoyed doing the audio assignments the most this week because it was fun creating stories without sound and having the ability to let the creative juices flow.

Another aspect of this week that I appreciated was re connecting with radio. I said in my audio reflections blog post that I am someone that does enjoy the radio, but I dent go out of my way to listen to it much. I love the streaming music platform Spotify and that’s what I listen to my music on as well as listen to podcast. I was able to step back again and appreciate what radio has to offer the world. Connection, creativity, inspiration, different perspectives. The radio offers us so much that I honestly forgot about this week was nice being able to connect with something that I hadn’t thought about in a while. If you haven’t already be sure to check out some of my work below! Until next week fellow students.






3 responses to “Wrapping up week four”

  1. destiny Avatar

    very glad to see other people who were having a terrible time at the start with the audio assignments and feeling very uneasy!! I’m also glad you were able to reconnect with radio!!

    1. admin Avatar

      You definitely were not the only one for sure!

  2. Paul Avatar

    I know audio work can be a struggle at first, but it has so many creative possibilities. It makes me happy when people see that and get interested in it.

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