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Week three weekly summary

Well, that’s a wrap on week three. I really enjoyed being able to tap into the design side of things and continue to use some of my creative side. I would say this week was a bit lighter compared to last week in comparison to the number of blog post, but I appreciate the level of creativity I was able to use with the visual and design assignments we got to choose to form as well as doing the AI assignment. To be honest AI is something I never gave a lot of thought about until we had to do this assignment. It was definitely interesting learning more about it and exploring the databases. It’s definitely a fun concept but like I stated in the blog post about it. AI can never truly replace an artist. It was also pretty insightful learning about the level of work and detail that went into creating movie posters. I had originally assumed they just wanted to depict cool images from the movie and put it on the poster for marketing and promotion but that not the complete case and now going forward I’m going to pay more attention to when I look at a movie poster and appreciate them a bit more. Overall, I really enjoyed this week’s course work and I look forward to next week’s assignments and continuing to tap into my creative side! Thanks for reading. Until next time.






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